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burstfit workoutburn up to 3x more fat and calories than with traditional cardio

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Are you tired of working out and not seeing the results you’d like?

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BurstFIT is a complete home fitness program.

Disc 1
Burst off Body Fat

Disc 2
Total Body Shred

Disc 3
The Bowen Butt Lift

Nutrition Guide, Shopping List and Quick Start Guide

Now, you can spend less time working out, while finally getting in the best shape of your life.

7 total workouts, 20 minutes each.

Getting starated with your first BurstFIT™ workout is easy.

Applying the science of burst allows you to spend less time working out, while your body continues to burn fat for up to 48 hours afterwords.

  • Sculpting and Toning
  • Butt lift
  • Strengthen your core
  • Get strong lean legs
  • Blast calories away
  • Shape and tone your arms
  • Improve overall muscle tone
  • Get strong, lean and sexy abs

Disc 1 - Burst Off Body Fat

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Improve your overall muscle tone as you get strong, lean and sexy! Easily learn the moves as Dr. Josh guides you through the workouts to help you get the best reults.

Ab and Back Ripper
Scorch fat around the mid-section in only 20 minutes

Chest and Arms Definer
Develop shapely arms and a strong chest with Dr. Josh’s unique burst-strength combos.

Shoulder and Leg Shaper
Kick, pump and push your way to the best shape of your life!

Disc 2 - Total Body Shred

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Get ready to burn fat, strengthen your core and go sleeveless this summer!

Back and Chest Sculptor
Get a lean and toned upper body, chest and back.

Leg and Core Shred
Torch even more calories now that you’ve worked up to the total body shred.

Arm and Shoulder Toner
Keep the burn going as you develop lean, toned and summer-ready arms!

Disc 3 - The Bowen Butt Lift & Nutrition Segment

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Featuring fitness expert and trainer, Suzanne Bowen. Lift, firm, and tighten your glutes for a long, lean look.

The Bowen Butt Lift
Don’t be fooled by the shorter workout, you’ll be sure to break a sweat as you lift and firm.

Nutrition Segment with Dr. Josh Axe
Filmed in the BurstFIT studios, Dr. Josh explains the nutrition principles needed to maintain high energy and maximize your weight loss efforts!

Bonus Nutrition Guide

The Top Foods for Fat Loss
Learn the exact foods to eat for maximum weight loss results, and maintaining a higher energy.

Real Food Recipes
You’ll love these unique and tasty recipes. Gluten-free and contain only real-food ingredients!

Plus, Get these BurstFIT SUPPORT TOOLS

Quick Start Guide
We’ve taken the guesswork out of which workout to do when. Just follow the class schedule.

Shopping List (PDF Download)
Is it healthy? Safe for weight loss? No more guessing, if it’s on the list, it’s good to go! Download and print multiple copies.

image description image description YES!I want to burn more fat in half the time An over $130.00 value for just one payment of $47 (+$4.95 s&h) 90 Day Money Back Gurantee image description

Burstfit Success Stories

I was pleasantly surprised that BurstFit was unlike any other workout I had tried in the past. I saw much more toning and muscle definition in a fraction of the time. I love that the sessions are only 20 minutes. Anyone can fit this into their daily routine.

I would absolutely recommend it!! I recommend it all the time. Love the burn!

- Lorraine Medeiros

Nothing would have stopped me from purchasing BurstFit, it’s affordable, works, and is a healthy way to work out and lose weight! It’s doable 6 times a week and I saw immediate results in my physique.

I was encouraged that I could do it. It was hard, but not impossible like some things I have tried. I had more energy and doing it with my husband created motivation and unity.

What I liked most about Burstfit was the encouragement and pushing to give 100% Dr. Josh offers.

Burstfit is recommended by me to everyone I see! It works and it's a healthy way to live.

- Carrie Parsons

I found that I worked out in less time and saw even better results.

The feature I like most about Burstfit is that there are different levels and you do what fits best for you.

It’s precise and time efficient. Yes I would recommend BurstFit. You have a program that is developed by someone who has a track history. Easy to follow. Saves you time and helps you to exercise smarter and not longer.

- Chad Ballinger

The results were quickly appreciated, both in how I feel as well as how I looked.

What I like most about Burstfit is that I can get a great, effective workout in just 20 min. I used to jog several miles on a treadmill and do another mile on the elliptical, yet still not see the results that I've had with Burstfit.

It’s easy to follow, I get max benefit with minimum time and I can get the workout in and still have time for the rest of my day.

I’d definitely recommend BurstFit! Because you get the maximum benefit, in only 20 min and it WORKS!

About a year and a half ago I weighed 208 pounds. Since the age of 30, the weight seemed to just appear overnight and was getting harder and harder to lose. I took up jogging, joined the gym and began eating healthier. I managed to lose down to 180 pounds. But no matter what, the last 10 pounds would not go away.

Seems once you turn 45, the ability to lose weight dramatically changes. I happened to come across a video regarding Burstfit. Figured I had nothing to lose, but WEIGHT, LOL. The results were amazing. I continued to watch my diet, and those last 10 pounds finally found a new zip code!

Today at 45, I’m in the best health and my body is in the best condition that I have ever been. I never want to go back to the old me. I am loving life and feel amazing!

- Deddie Franks

I bought Burstfit after reading the excellent reviews and I’m very pleased with my purchase.

I am sore, but feel great especially to be engaging muscles that I have not worked enough or correctly in a long time.

What I liked most was the modified versions, and the short workouts really burn fat. The main benefits for me were burning fat, improving muscle tone and increasing energy.

Yes, I recommend BurstFit, you will feel the difference immediately.

- Dawn Fitzsimmons

At first I was hesitant to order because I already had numerous work-out-at-home DVDs that ended up sitting around my house. Once I saw that I could complete a Burstfit workout in only 20 minutes and it came with a schedule I could follow, I was sold.

My energy has increased, I have become stronger and sleep better. No matter if you've never worked out or go regularly to the gym, you can modify the workouts for your level and get results.

The twenty minute workouts fit perfectly in my schedule since I work two jobs and also take college classes. I try to do them at least three times a week and love having the flexibility to fit it into my schedule when I'm free at home and not have the hassle of driving to a gym across town.

I love Burstfit, I have been and will continue to recommend it to my family and friends. Anyone can complete the work outs no matter what their age is or their level or training!

- Haley Larmore

I never believed I could get a really good workout at home. I found that with Burstfit I got way more than I bargained for! I've been a gym rat for many, many years, but with Burstfit I am more toned and look and feel better in the few months I've been doing it than I had with years of gym workouts.

It’s easy to follow, quick results and enough variation to not get bored.

Yes I would recommend Burstfit. Because it is a great way to workout whether you do it alone or add it to whatever fitness program you are doing. I have gotten great results and think anyone who committed to Burstfit would, too. I love my Burstfit workouts!!

- Dianne Webster

I'm only 2 weeks in, but so far I've noticed great results. I can tell that my core is becoming more toned again after having a baby.

As a new mom, the fact that the workouts are only just over 20 minutes makes it possible for me to get them in. I was worried that I wouldn't feel like I was getting enough of a workout in that time, but I was proved wrong very quickly. I've never been as sore as I was the first week!!

It’s efficient and effective. And I like that no special equipment was required.

I absolutely recommend BurstFit. When people ask me what I'm doing to get back in shape so fast after having a baby, I tell them all about it!

- Sandy Ager

It was way more intense than I thought. Burstfit is a very well rounded routine and I like the fact that there is not a ton of weight involved since a lot of the exercises are timed. So there is practically no way to get hurt. The main benefits were burning fat, cardio and building muscle. It's a great program, Dr. Axe and team are great people.

- Sean Beech

I found more energy as a result of doing BurstFit. Main benefits were the motivation to exercise, seeing immediate results, endurance, and strengthening inner core. I recommend BurstFit because it is tailored to meet everyone's needs at all physical levels.

- Mona Taylor

I already had so many DVD workouts that I was hesitant to purchase more but I was very intrigued by Burstfit. I am SO glad I purchased the program. My muscles became leaner and more defined and my core became tighter.

The workouts aren't long but they are jam-packed with great exercises. You get better results by working out harder instead of longer.

The workouts are challenging AND fun. They move quickly and no time is wasted. You see results in a very short amount of time.

I would definitely recommend BurstFit! Burstfit is fun, innovative, and very effective. Dr. Axe and the other athletes are encouraging and sweat right along with you. This program helped me regain my strength after a battle with breast cancer and for that I'm grateful. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone who is serious about getting in shape!

- Michelle Way

I found the discipline to commit to a shorter workout. I’m getting better results than I’ve ever gotten with every exercise or diet plan I’ve ever done, which has been many.

I like that there is no equipment and I can do it anywhere. I feel great and look better. Absolutely anybody can do this. It has changed my health for the better thus changing the quality of my life.

- Sue Navarro

We look and feel so much better in just a couple weeks. And I am hungering for it, don't feel like I "have to", I want to.

Love the time frame, love doing it at home with my wife, and love that it covers all the bases specifically. We had tried Insanity last year and this is so much better, we love it!

No gym fees, quick results and it’s a healthy/safe way to lose weight and get fit.

I would absolutely recommend BurstFit, because we have seen results and pretty well always recommend what Dr. Axe says and puts out. We appreciate so much the knowledge and practical application you give to help improve and change people's lives and futures while they are here on the Earth.

- Keith Parsons

I experienced steady weight loss and leaner muscles, and lifting sagging G.M. :) The benefits to me were more energy, better mental focus and general well-being.

I would recommend Burstfit for anyone, especially busy moms with hectic schedules, as this complete home fitness program accommodates the demands for raising a family while giving some wiggle room in taking time out to take care of "mom." It's a time-conscious fitness workout that rewards you with a fit body without paying a fortune for a fitness club membership or wasting time commuting to the gym or spa.

- Lisa Parent

Results! I've been doing burstfit for 4 weeks now. I just had a baby 3 months ago and we also have a 20 month old, so back-to-back babies & I have been really out of shape during the pregnancy due to complications. So, in these 4 weeks I've been doing it I have definition in my arms, stomach is sliming down and thighs firming up and sliming down.

What I like most about Burstfit is that it works, you feel it, you see results. It’s also only 20 minutes. I’ve been doing 5-6 days a week right now. I can fit it into my day even with 2 small children and working 11 and a half hour days. Also, my husband used to out run me on evening jogs but not anymore, he struggles to keep up with me now!

Yes! I recommend BurstFit. I got my sister doing it, passing it on her to her husband. I was trying to get my husband to it. He seemed a little intimidated but he has noticed such a difference in me he wants to do it now. I tell all my clients about it. I’m just really glad I bought the dvds and happy with the results I’m seeing and feeling.

- Jamie Long

As a result of doing Burstfit I feel much stronger in my core. Also, I feel that the Cardio video has helped improve my running time. I've also seen more definition in my shoulders as result of the arm/shoulder video. The Cardio video is my favorite, as I feel I get a very good workout in a short amount of time. Better than many of the P90x3 or T25 videos.

The main benefits for me were seeing results in short amount of time and exercises that work.

Yes, I’d recommend BurstFit. It is a good workout in a short amount of time!

- Diane Ristau

image description image description YES!I want to burn more fat in half the time An over $130.00 value for just one payment of $47 (+$4.95 s&h) 90 Day Money Back Gurantee image description